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Introduction:Health and Safety laws apply to all business, no matter how small. In your business and workplace as an employer you are responsible for health and safety on your workplace.

Health can be defined as physical, social, psychological and spiritual welfare of specific. Health of the populace is purposive by people’s income, education, employment. Health has been viewed as an truancy of illness and if one was free from illness, then the person was considered to be healthy. what is health and safety rules in workplace

How to maintain good health

  • Balanced Diet
  • Hygiene
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Good Habits

Balanced Diet: A Balanced diet contains diverge kinds of foods in certain amount so that the obligation for calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins and alternative nutrients is enough.

Hygiene: Hygiene is preserve neatness through good habits and practices. Good hygiene impede several diseases from spreading.

Stay Hydrated: It’s important to stay hydrated moderately, throughout the day,” he says. Drinking fluent is essential to staying healthy. Preserve the operation of every system in your body, including your heart, brain, and muscles.

Good Habits: Maintaining good health is the mingling of many influence such as extra mile and adopt good and healthy habits. For example – don’t smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy diet, do yoga every day etc.what is health and safety rules in workplace


Safety is the state of being “Safe” the condition of being secured from harm or other shunned consequence. Also Safety refers yo concede hazards in order to execute an permitted level of risk. In workplace it is true impetus new workers to take up safety relate required for their safety. The basic aim of is to obstruct the contingency of mishaps.

Types of Safety

Basic Safety rules that you follow at your workplace:

Fire Safety: In workplace employees should be aware of all emergencies, including fire escape routes. In office building and workplace install smoke alarms and test smoke alarms every month.

Falls and Slips: To avoid falls and slips, all things must be arranged properly. Any split liquid, food or other items such as paints must be immediately cleaned to avoid any accidents.

First Aid: First-aid kits should be kept in places that can be reached quickly. Employees should know about the location of first-aid kits in the office. First-aid kits contain all important items to deal with common problems like cuts, burns,headaches etc.

Security: Employee should make sure that they keep their personal things in a safe place.

Electricity Safety: Employees must be provided basic knowledge of using electrical equipment and common problems and also provided instructions about electrical safety such as keeping water and foods items away from electrical equipment.

Types of Accidents

Trip and Fall: Customers or employees can trip on carelessly left loose material and fall down, such as tripping on loose wires, goods left on aisles, elevated threshold.

Slip and Fall: People may lose foothold on the floor and stairs resulting in injuries. Slips are mainly due to wet floors. Other causes: spilling of liquids or throwing of other slip-causing material on floors, such fruit peels.

Injuries caused due to elevators: People may be injured in elevators by falling down due to sudden, jerking movement of elevators or by tripping on elevators’ threshold. Injuries can be caused by falling on escalators and getting hurt.

Safety Symbols

Danger from chemicals

Danger from Electricity

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Prohibition

First Aid

Recycle product

Emergency exit or Fire exit

Protect Health & Safety at your work

In Relation to workplace safety and health, hazard can be defined as any source of potential harm or danger to someone or any adverse health effect produced under certain condition.

A Hazard can harm an individual or an organization. For example, hazard to an organization include loss of property or equipment while hazard to an individual involve harm to health or body.Here are a few examples of potential hazards:

1.Material: knife or sharp edged nails can cause cuts.

2.Substance: Chemicals such as Benzene can cause fume suffocation.

3.Electrical energy: Naked wires or electrodes can result in electric shocks.

4.Condition: Wet floor can cause slippage.

5.Gravitational energy: Objects falling on you can cause injury.


A vamp is an attractive, dangerously flirtatious woman. A vamp in an old movies might wear tight clothes and bright red lipstick. The noun vamp is somewhat old fashioned, implying a woman who uses her charisma and beauty to charm men into doing what she wants them to do.

Vampire history:

 A vampire is a creature from folklore that subsists by feeding on the vital essence of living .In European folklore,, vampire are creatures that often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighborhoods they inhabited while they they were alive.

1.What is vampire?

There are almost as many different characteristics of vampire legends. But the main characteristic of vampires(or vampire) is they drink human blood . they typically drain their victim’s blood using their sharp fangs, killing them and turning them into vampires.

In general,vampires hunt at night since sunlight weakens their powers. Some may have the ability to morph into a bat or a wolf vampires have a hypnotics, effect on their victims.

2.The bloody truth about vampires

This 700 year-old skeleton was found with its teeth removed and stabbed thought the chest with an iron rod.scholars suspect towns people did this to ward off vampires -a very real fear in Europe for hundreds of years.

3.Mercy brown vampire incident

 Mercy brown vampire incident occurred in Rhode us,in 1892, it is one of the best documented cases of the exhumation of a corpse in order of perform rituals to banish an manifestation, the incident was part of winder new England vampire panic.

4.Real vampire

Although modern science has silenced the vampire fears of the past , people who call themselves vampire do exist. They are normal seeming people who drink small amounts of blood in a effort to stay healthy.

Some vampire don’t ingest human blood but claim to feed off the of others ,many state that if they don’t feed regularly. They become agitated or depressed.

5. Are vampire real?

While even the most ardent vampire admire recognize vampire about falling pray to these children of the night.long ago way before the day of emotional  on the merits of team Edward versus teams of a cap ,people devoted a lot of time  and to keeping their  safe from them these blood. And as you will discovers in guide to all things to all things vampires the creatures,of the night are still having a every real impact on people’s lives to day.


A brief history of the immortals of none Hindu civilizations Shri guru.

A natural history of vampires  home page . Meet the real life vampire of new England and beyond.

Real life vampire exist and researcher are  them.

Where do vampire came from the real life disease the vampire myth.

A data entry operator take written information from forms, applications, or company files and enter the information into computer system database, or applications for business use. Some positions deal mostly typing, such as word processing or computerized customer files. People in these jobs handle letters, documents, and mailing lists. Other positions feature heavy emphasis on numerical data entry, such as accounting, banking and mortgage, or loan information. Data entry operators work in marketing, accounting, human resources, or healthcare, and many work hours are spent seated at a computer.

Brief job Description : A job description summarizes the essential responsibilities, activities, qualifications and skills for a role. Also known as a JD, this documents describes the type of work preformed. A job description should include important company details–company mission , culture and any benefits it provides to employees.

Personal Attributes : Personal qualities are the characteristics, attributes or personality traits of an individual. Examples of personal attributes inclide being honest, having a good sense of humour or being dependable.


Data Entry Operator Job Responsibilities

 Prepares, compiles, and sorts documents for data entry. Verifies and logs receipt of data. Transcribes source data into the required electronic format. Transfers information from paper formats into computer files using keyboard, data recorders, or optical scanners.

Essential Functions

Enters, updates and verifies data into various systems for use by all personnel.

  1. Reviews and verifies data entered into database to ensure accuracy.
  2. Tracks documents received and completion dates.
  3. Assists and trains employees and new data entry operators on software programs.
  4. Provides assistance to technical staff to resolve computer and software problems.
  5. Runs and distributes reports.
  6. Creates back up files for all data.


  • Insert customer and account data by inputting text based and numerical information from source documents within time limits.
  • Compile, verify accuracy and short information according to priorities to prepare source data for computer entry.
  • Review data for deficiencies or errors, correct any incompatibilities if possible and check output.
  • Apply data program techniques and procedures.
  • Generate reports, store completed work in designated locations and perform backup operations.
  • Keep information confidential.

Ensuring the Accuracy of the Data

As a data entry operator, you are responsible to make sure that the data entered in a system or software must be accurate and up to date. As a data entry operator, you have to enter various types of information in the system, and keeping the quality of the work is extremely important. However, it does highlight the impact that seemingly small data accuracy checks to ensure the accuracy of data and analytics models and outputs.

Confidentiality of the Data

Data confidentiality is about protecting data against unintentional, unlawful, or unauthorized access, disclosure, or theft.Another key responsibility is to keep the confidentiality of the data.In some cases the nature of the work assigned to you is extremely sensitive. Just like data entry operators working in the bank or working as a freelances for a bank. Keeping the quality of the data may be the basic responsibility of a data entry operator, but often it is equally important to keep the data confidential.

Communication with the other stoff

As a data entry operator, you have to communication with other colleagues, and high ups on a daily basis to verify or update the information. As a punctual and accurate data entry operator, you have to know the art of communication so that you can easily the quality of the work.

Concentration and Focus

Often you have to spend long hours on the computer in order to complete your tasks, and in this situation it becomes extremely hard to keep the same concentration level.

Ready to make corrections

As human beings we all make mistakes, and as a data entry operator, making errors is a normal thing.You have to be ready for the necessary corrections all the time. Whether it is a typo, or change in the information , you should never say “No” to any change.

Challenges Faced by Data Entry Operators

Owing to the low skill requirement for the job and the easily replaceable workforce, data entry experts are hired on a temporary basis. Very few companies take the pain of hiring full time data entry operators. This makes it all the more important for people to adhere to strict quality parameters.

Data entry operators are going to be in high demand over the next decade or so because of the need to updates regularly and the cheap labour that is very much required in research projects. With most aspects of health care going into the electronic format, data entry operators can easily find jobs in such fields.


  1. Communication Proficiency.
  2. Ethical Conduct.
  3. Organizational Skills.
  4. Technical Capacity.
  5. Time Management.
  6. Thoroughness.

Steps to Become a Data Entry Operator

Step 1: Gain Data Entry Skills

Employers train data entry operators, but good typing and numeric key entry skills are a common prerequisite. Knowledge of database software, spreadsheet, and word processing is helpful. Good spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills are also necessary, as well as strong reading comprehension.

Success Tips

  1. Increase the speed  at which you type
  2. Use hotkeys rather than mouse
  3. Have stipulated working hours
  4. Organize the files on your computer
  5. Spend time in research to improve your accuracy
  6. Learn to multitask
  7. Embrace activities that will keep your mentally alert.

Step 2: Gain Experience

Related entry-level positions, such as a word processor or typist, can help you to gain the experience required the by most employers. In these positions, you will learn how to check for spelling and punctuation, organize page reports, and short data.

Step 3: Gain Employment for Advancement

High schools and collages, as well as online job boards, have local

jobs require typing skills of certain amount of words per minute, and some position require aptitude with specific software.


A Digital Marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies support goods, services, and brands.

      Today digital marketing is an spacious system of channels to which marketers simply must onboard their brands, advertising online is much more complex than the channels alone. In order to achieve the true potential of digital marketing, marketers have ti dig deep into today’s huge and complex cross-channel world to discover strategies that make an impact through engagement marketing. Engagement marketing is the method of forming meaningful interactions with potential and returning customers based on the data you collect over time.

“DIGITAL MARKETING” is the core of everything today- it has gone from ’one of the things marketing does ‘ to ‘THE thing that marketing does.


DIGITAL MARKETING can be broadly broken into 7 main categories. Examples of digital marketing include:  

  1. Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  3. Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Marketing automation
  6. Digital advertising
  7. Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms. It is a website to promote a media marketing provides companies a best way to influence new customers, absorb with enduring customers. It is promote customers coveted culture, pursuit, or tone. Social media marketing is a form internet marketing. In which involves fabricate and sharing content on social media network. To use social media marking in right way you can take many benefits like better SEO, higher conversion rates, improved brand loyalty etc.

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Through organic search engine results in your website search engine optimization increasing  the quality and quantity of traffic. SEO is a practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. By internet you can interact all the visitors in the world.suppose you’re a resource for Apple computer and all the visitors coming in your site so that is not quality traffic. Instead who visitors authentically interested in your product when you enchant with all other and offer them.Traffic does play a remarkable role in your website emerge in search results.

  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

It is also a Internet marketing that involves the promotion of website. By increasing their distinctness in search engine results you can promote your website.Search engine marketing is one of the most effective way to grow you business.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message.It involves using email to send advertisements,provoke sales or donations.The term usually refers to sending email messages with the purpose of intensify.

  • Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation indicate to software platforms and technologies. For software platforms and technologies it design marketing department and organize effective market on many online channels. Higher revenue and faster growth etc. is the same aim of all organizations. But Marketing Automation solve this problem. It is increase usable proficiency and grow receipts faster. It enables companies to elegant, motorized, and measure marketing tasks and enterprise.

  • Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is the promotional content to users across various online and digital channels. It purchase mediums like social media, email,mobile apps, search engine. Website shows advertisement and message to viewers. For reaching buyer in every stage of the buying funnel , Digital advertising used data-driven advertising strategy. Digital advertising is a targeted, who can move one stage of buying funnel to the next.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is the marketing and business process for fabricate and distributing material and idiomatic content. To attract and  attain, capture a clearly defined and understood target audience- with the objective profitable customer action.

 Need of digital Marketing

Why we need digital marketing for our business?

Using digital marketing, we can reach to various customers from worldwide without any use of money and without any wasting time.Through digital marketing we can make a good relationship with the customers. We can judge them according to their wants. Digital marketing is a very useful method for to promoting our brands and products in a very easy way .  

Using digital marketing we can reach massive crowd of people in just a few seconds. We can increase our brand advertisement through digital marketing.

1.Less costly in time: Digital marketing is a good method to run a business and to earn a more profit.The main objective of a business is to earn more and more profit. This goal can be achieved if we give more and more time to our business and digital marketing as we know is less costlier in time within a few time we can reach to our massive audience.

2.More profit: We can earn more profit by investing less through digital marketing. For a running a business we have to invest more and more for to selling our brands and to advertise them in traditional marketing system but in digital marketing we don’t have to so.we can just make a huge profit through digital marketing.

3. Connection with customers: we can easily build a relationship between customers.As customers plays a vital role in running our business.They are makers of the business.

Through social media we can get large audience and we can know about their wants.A connection between a customer and buyer is most important to run a business in a affluent a business we have to know about their demands and things what they are looking for. If we establish a good connection with our customers then we can run our business very fast.

  • 4. Communication: In a business it very important to have a better communication between a customer and a seller. Through digital marketing this communication had become very easy.people can communicate when they are not satisfied from the product of the company or when they are not satisfied from their product.communication has become easier through internet marketing.people can ask their queries on this platform about any product or brand.

 5.Know about your competitors: We can see our competitors through online. While running a business we have to know about our competitor also. What they doing?, What they are selling?, What are they advertising, How they  advertising? Etc.All of these  queries are important to know. Because these queries makes us strong opinion about our brand. And we will  know how our competitor is working and how much he is earning. Through digital marketing we can all know this.

6Brand reputation: brand reputation can increased through digital marketing. Brand reputation is most important thing in the field of business.increase of brand reputation may increase profit. Some customers only buy that5 things which are related to some brands. So brand reputation is important for that. If a seller advertise a brand in proper way and in a understandable way then its reputation increases.

7. Easy Adapting of Strategies:Another major advantage of internet marketing is that they are very easy to understand. We can easily understand through the result of strategies which one is giving you results and which one is not. Strategies that are implemented in digital marketing gives you results on a real-time basis.

For example, if we want to promote our blog page then we can simply share our blogs on various social media platforms. With the help of content marketing, we can increase our engagement with our audience very soon and very accurate and real.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Our Business

The 7 benefits of digital marketing that will surely help the right decision for your business:

1.The Valuable Data and Analytics

2.Content Performance

3.Improved Conversion Rates

4.Digital Marketing more Effective than Traditional Marketing

5. Revenue Share in Digital Marketing

6.Internet of things in Digital Marketing

7.Build Trust in Digital Marketing

1.The Valuable Data and Analytics:

               Digital Marketing you can have an idea of the exact numbers of people who have viewed your website’s.The real time data analysis provides you with a better understanding of your marketing.

  • The number of people visiting your business page
  • How much time they are spending on your site

     The real time data analysis provides you with a better understanding of your marketing.

2.Content Performance:

                   Once you create an impactful visual content, Start promoting it on social media.Digital Marketing, you can measure exactly how many people’s viewed your marketing can build better awareness and affinity for your brand.

3. Improved Conversion Rates:

               The conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors.converting a customer online is not a big deal.Digital Marketing, you can reach out to your customers at any time.

4. Digital Marketing Most Effective than Traditional Marketing:

  Digital Marketing sometimes more cost effective than traditional, but also it is a more direct way to connect with target audiences globally.Digital Marketing is essential for businesses today. It’s become routine for consumers to conduct research and make purchases Online.

Digital Marketing lets you save money to a substantial extent.advertising channels such as Radio, Television,and Mobile.with email marketing automation.

5.Revenue Share in Digital Marketing:

Revenue sharing in Digital Marketing is also known as cost per sale, in which the cost of advertising is determined by the Revenue generated as a result of the advertisement itself.

6.Internet of things in Digital Marketing:

           The internet of things describes any device that has a sensor or connection to the Internet, and may also be able to connect to other devices that have the same capabilities.the Internet of Things is a global ecosystem of interconnected devices- smartphones, tablets, and several digital gadgets.

7. Build Trust in Digital Marketing:

The company needs to build a Relationship with them, yet no consumers are sitting around and waiting for a company to develop a lasting Relationship with them.

Building trust in Digital Marketing requires understanding how consumers view trust this knowledge to create better customer experience and interaction.


Introduction: Farmers plays a vital role in our country. They are the backbone of our society.Population of our country mostly depends in agriculture. About 85% of the population of our country earn their livelihood from agriculture.Since every person needs food to eat for their living, so they are the important for our society.

Indian farmer holding crop plant in his Wheat field

 “A Farmer manages

Its farm and cultivate

Its field, ranches,

Nurseries etc.”   

Agriculture in India

Agriculture in India is the main occupation of people. India’s agriculture is composed of many crops.They grow pulses, potatoes, wheat, rice, sugarcane and also non-eatable items such as cotton, jute rubber etc.

India is the world’s largest producer of milk,pulses and jute and holds the rank of second largest producers of rice, wheat, sugarcane ,groundnut, vegetables, fruit and cotton.West Bengal is the largest food grain producing state in India.

Types of Farming:

  1. Subsistence farming
  2. Shifting agriculture
  3. Plantation agriculture
  4. Intensive farming
  5. Dry agriculture
  6. Mixed agriculture
  7. Terrace agriculture
  8. Crop rotation

Problems faced by farmers:

Farmers of India face many problems related to agriculture.Even government do not help them in their cases.Agriculture is a seasonal occupation. Nature call also damage their occupation. Some of the biggest problems faced by them are as follows:

* low variety seeds

* Soil erosion

* Small and fragmented land

* Marketing of agricultural products

* shortage of capital

* Irrigation

* Water supply

* Electricity problem

* Uneducated labour force

* Unskilled entrepreneur

* Lack of modern technology

 From all these problems how a farmer can live a better life. Due to these problems they Farmers of India face many problems related to agriculture.Even government do not help them in their cases.Agriculture is a seasonal occupation.

The state of a Indian farmer is very critical in India. They do get what they deserve.

Nowadays, we can see in Punjab how farmers are protesting.

Why are the farmers protesting in Punjab?

The farmers of Punjab are protesting against the new farm laws in Delhi. They are suffering from deep economic stress. They are afraid of losing their income if Minimum Support Price(MSP)will withdrawn.The government has passed new bill for the farmers.The Essential Goods(Amendment)Bill,2020 seeks to remove the goods like pulses ,Oilseeds, onions and potatoes which are included in the list of essential commodities.

 They are protesting against three bills that the Rajya Sabha recently passed.These bills frame that the farmer will sell producing items directly to corporates, argue the Center.

They have a fear that this may be reduce their income.

Indian Farmer Laws 2020

On September 2020,our President Ram Nath Kovind gave his agreement to the three “Farming bills” that were earlier passed by Indian Parliament. Which were as follows:

1: Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce(promotion and Facilitation) Act,2020

This Bill was introduced in Lok Sabha on 14 September 2020.This Act also provide a facility of buying and selling the agricultural product via internet.Act allows trade of Farmer produced in outside trade area such as farm gates, factory premises etc.It can be only done in APMC or Mandis.

2:Farmer Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020

3:Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act,2020

In this Act government can also fixes the MRP of any packaged product.

Delhi Chalo March:

 Thousands of Farmers reached the national capital on their tractor-trolleys responding to “Delhi Chalo”. Against the three laws that were passed on 27 September 2020.

Protesters gathered at Delhi’s border at Tigri and Singhu. Police used water cannons and tear gas to stop them through barricades.

There demands were to removal of the three laws which reduce the sale of their crops.Many protesters are from Punjab and Haryana as well. They are also getting support from U.P, Rajasthan, M.P.

What the centre says: The Narendra Modi government says that the new laws will give more options to the farmers to sell their crops.

 Sharad Pawar to meet President kovind over farmer’s protests.

* National Congress Party(NCP) chief Sharad Pawar will meet Ram Nath Kovind on December 9.He stated that if the problem will not resolved soon then we will see farmers from across the country joining them.

Some auto, taxi unions in Delhi to join “Bharat Bandh”on Dec 8.

Karnataka farmers will also join the protest of farmers on Dec 8.

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The ‘DIGITAL INDIA’ initiative was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1 july 2015, with an objective of connecting rural areas with high speed.

What is the aim of Digital India?

The Digital India programme aims to provide broadband highways, universal access programme, e-mail governance: Reforming government through technology, eKranti – Electronic delivery of services, Information for all, Electronics manufacturing: Target net zero imports,IT for jobs and early harvest programmes.

Digital India Schemes

1.Digi Locker

3.eSign Framework

4.Swachh Bharat Mission Mobile App

5.National scholarship portal


7.Digital India Platform

8.Wi-Fi Hotspots

9.Next Generation Network

10.Electronics Development Fund

11.Centre of Excellence on Internet of Things(loT)

Digi Locker

 The service was launched as an important facility to store crucial document like Voter ID Card, Pan Card, BPL Card, Driving License,education certificates, etc. In the cloud.

MyGov is an innovative platform to build a partnership between Citizens and Government with the help of technology.

eSign Framework

 eSign is an electronic signature service which can be integrated with service delivery applications via an open API to facilitate an Aadhar holder to digitally sign a document.

Swacch Bharat Mission Mobile App

 Mobile is used for tracking real time sanitation coverage in percentage,number of open defecation free villages,and list of beneficiaries in each village.  

National scholarship portal

National Scholarship Portal. Ministry Of Electronics & Information Technology,Government of India.


eHospital is an open source health information management system which is configurable and easily customizable with multi-tenancy support.

Digital India Platform

DIP is an initiative of the Government of India under the Digital India programme to provide digitization services for scanned document images or physical document for any organization.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

A hotspot is a physical location where people can access the internet, typically using wi-Fi, via a wireless local area network with a router connected to an internet service provider.

Next Generation network

 launched by BSNL, this service will replace 30-year old telephone exchange to manage all types of services like voice,data,multimedia and other types of communication services.

Electronics Development Fund

Electronic Development Fund (EDF) is a “Fund of Funds” investing in “Daughter Funds” that invest in the equity of companies developing new technologies in the area of electronics, nano-electronics and Information Technology (IT).

Centre of Excellence on Internet of Things(loT)

India’s first Centre of Excellence on Internet of Things (CoE– IoT) has been launched in Bengaluru, Karnataka. IOT provide an ecosystem for innovation to thrive and embrace entrepreneurship.

Advantage And Disadvantage of Digital India :


. Creation of Digital Infrastructure and Electronic Manufacturing in Native India.

. A Mobile for worldwide access to all services.

. Improved productivity.


. Digital Media Manipulation.

. Internet side effects in children.

.Spreading fast without checking true or false news.

.Relying more on electronic machine.

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