What is HTTP Protocol?

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. WWW is about communication between web Clients and servers. Communication between client computers and web servers is done by sending HTTP Requests and receiving HTTP Responses. 

What is the purpose of HTTP?

The hypertext transfer protocol, abbreviated HTTP, is a system by which computers talk to each other across the World Wide Web. It’s used by computers and smart phones to ask web servers to send the contents of websites and to submit data through online forms. HTTP is text-based, and it’s designed to be readable by humans as well as machines. 

How does HTTP work?

How does HTTP work?

HTTP is a protocol used for WWW(World Wide Web) which serve us functional websites, web applications, and web APIs. HTTP clients (internet browsers) use TCP/IP or UDP networking protocol with HTTP to provide us the greatness and usefulness of WWW. 

What is HTTPS Protocol?

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is an extension of the hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is used for secure communication over a computer network, and is widely used on the internet e.g. the browser and the web server. In HTTPS, the communication protocol is encrypted suing Transport Layer Security or, formerly, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The protocol is there for also referred to as HTTP over TLS, or HTTP over SSL.

The following figure illustrates the communication over HTTPS:

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure identification of a Web server.

Here’s how Verisign, one of the leading SSL Certificate Authority, describes about SSL:HTTPS established an encrypted link between the browser and the web server using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols. TLS is the new version of SSL.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

The https is essentially https over SSL. SSL establishes an encrypted link using an SSL certificate which is also known as a digital certificate.



Advantage of HTTPS

One of the main benefits of HTTPS is that it adds security and trust. It protects users against man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks that can be launched from compromised or insecure networks. Hackers can use such techniques to steal your customer’s sensitive information.

  • Secure Communication: https makes a secure connection by establishing an encrypted link between the browser and the server or any two systems.
  • Data Integrity: https provides data integrity by encrypting the data and so, even if hackers manage to trap the data, they cannot read or modify it.
  • Privacy and Security: https protects the privacy and security of website users by preventing hackers to passively listen to communication between the browser and the server.
  • Faster Performance: https increases the speed of data transfer compared to https by encrypting and reducing the size of the data.
  • SEO: Use of https increases SEO ranking. In Google Chrome, Google shows the Not Secure label in the browser if users’ data is collected over http.
  • Future: https represents the future of the web by making internet safe for users and website owners.


Every individual has certain inherent talents which may not be restricted to the realme of education but encompass a wider area of vocational skill. There are many young people who may not excel in studies but yet possess certain skills which can be nurtured and honed to develop into a sustainable employment.

 Indianeers began operations in the year 2012 as an educational initiative bridging the gap betweetn echnical students and recruiters. Shri Narendra Modi, Honourable Prime Minister of India, has led the ‘Skill India Mission’ to provide impetus to entrepreneurship and bring a sense of self-confidence amongest the poor.

In the year 2013, Indianeers Media was incorporated as a private limited company. Over the past 3 years Indianeers has helped over 4000 engineering students perform better academically and improve their chances of employment through various preparatory training programs as well as online initiatives. In 2015, the company introduced skill development as well as employability trainings in its portfolio mobilization team, ties with corporate recruiters, and strong industry exposure.


The main motto is to raise confidence. The emphasis is to increase productivity by employing skilled manpower.The skill level of your workforce has direct and measurable impact on the efficiency and profitable of your organisation.

Recent research has shown that 17 % of adults in Northern Ireland have poor levels of literacy skills and 24 % have poor numeracy skills.

Figures indicate that, as a result, employers here could be losing thousands of pounds every year.

  • increase profits
  • improve performance
  • improve accuracy and quality
  • improve communication
  • Regulations with comply
  • improve recruitment
  • Staff retain
  • develop good customer relations
  • improve morale, motivation and job satisfaction

The training is free and can be customised to fit in with your business requirements.

Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharata Abhiyan


Digital Literacy and employment Programme for urban citizens.

The union cabinet has given green signal for “Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharata Abhiyan” to increase digital to over 7 crore rural household employment in urban areas across the country. The main aim of the PMGDISHA was to provide employment to the youth and to make them digital knowledgeable well.This is expected to be the world’s largest digital literacy Programme ever Launched.

The main objective of this programme is to provide digital knowledge to the youth and providing them access to information.

Making one person in every family digitally literatr is one of the most integral and important component of the Prime Minister’s vision of “Digital India”

It is the best place to build career

It is the best place to build career.PMGDISHA provide various courses to the people so that they can get a job. Government provide all the facilities in this programme like as:

 Highly Qualified teachers.

Good infrastructure.



Books at free of cost etc.

The courses under the PMGDISHA are totally free of cost. Just because to make India Literate Digitally so that we can become from “Developing India” to “Developed India”.

PMGDISHA was a skill development center and enable youth to take yp industry basis skill training that will improve their practical knowledge as well as theoretical as well.

  PMGDISHA provides full safety in these pandemic disease Corona.The steps followed by PMGDISHA for to provide better health facilities.

1.Avoid the 3Cs: They avoid the places which are over crowded, close and are of close contact.

So that why they have make the rule of batching for to avoid gathering in the centers.

2.Social Distancing: Social distancing is maintained during the classes. Atleast 2m distance is kept in the mind to reduce the risk of infection from one to one.because if Covid-19 is incresing in the community we can stay safe by taking simple precautions, such as social distance, wear a mask, sanitizing your hands after and before going to work, avoid gathering, avoid crowds. All these things are kept in mind while giving lectures in the center under PMGDISHA.

3.Wearing of mask: Nowadays wearing of mask is very important for has been a normal part of our life and a normal part of being around the people.

  1. Sanitizing the area:Area where lectueres are given to the students is sanitized properly without any absense.


Training and development is the subsystem of the institution or of an organization which accentuate more improvement of individuals and groups.Training is process which sharpens the skill,clear the concept,increase the knowledge to enhance the properties of the individuals. If training is their development is also their.Training and development takes place together.: Employee training and development implies a program in which specific knowledge, skills and abilities are rely  to the employees, with the goal  of raising their performance level  well as providing them their goals and learning opportunities, to further their growth so that they can achieve goals and make the INDIA digital.

In our institute training is given properly on regular basis.Training is given to nourish the individuals.

For to clear their concept, enhance their knowledge.

Skill Development: Skill Development is one of the priorities of the Government of Punjab considering the fact that Punjab has about two million persons who are unemployed. The Government is therefore commited to impart skilling to maximum youth by 2022 to ensure availability of skilled workforce for the industry and services sector to accelerate economic growth and improve quality of product and services.

 Our institute helps the youth of pathankot to get motivated about the importance of the Skill Development. As we continue towards our journey of a skilled and progresssive Punjab, I would call upon the support of the various institution, industries and then youth to ,make it successful.

Our institute look into the future growth of Punjab- skilled manpower will be highly sought after within India and abroad. Our challenge is not only to create the right kind of training infrastructure within the state but also to place candidates both nationally and internationally.


Domestic Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operator take written information from forms, or company files and enter the information into computer system databases, or applications for business use. Some options deal mostly with typing, such as word processing or computerized customer files. People in these jobs handle letters, documents, and mailing lists. Other positions feature heavy emphasis on numerical data entry, such as accounting, banking, and mortgage, or loan information. Data entry operator work in marketing, accounting, human resources, or health-care, and many work hours are spent seated at a computer. Data entry operator need only a high school diploma or equivalent.   

Brief Job Description

Individuals are responsible to provide daily work reports and work on daily hours bases. The individual is responsible for electronic entry of data from the client side to the office site or vice-verse. Individual tasks very depending on the size and structure of the organization

Personal Attributes

Personal qualities are characteristics, attributes or personality traits of an individual. This job requires the individual to have thorough knowledge of various technology trends and processes as well as have updated knowledge about database management systems and IT initiatives. The individual should have fast and accurate typing/ data encoding. The job involves working in a personal computer, and appropriate software to enter accurate data regarding different issues like retrieving data from a computer or a computer.

Responsibilities of Data Entry Operator

The data entry operator is responsible for performing data entry work using a personal computer and appropriate software; entering, updating, researching, verifying and/ or retrieving data into/from various systems; and ensuring the accuracy and confidentiality of information recorded.

Essential Functions

Enters, updates and verifies data into various systems for use by all personnel.

  1. Reviews and verifies data entered into database to ensure accuracy.
  2. Tracks documents received and completion dates.
  3. Assists and train employees and new data entry operator on software programs.
  4. Provides assistance to technical staff to resolve computer and software problems.
  5. Runs and distributes.


  1. Insert customer and account data by inputting text based and numerical information                  from source documents within time limits.
  2. Compile, verify accuracy and sort information according to priorities to prepare source data for computer entry.
  3. Review data for deficiencies or error, correct any incompatibilities if possible and check output.
  4. Apply data program techniques and procedures.
  5. Keep information confidential.


Distributor Salesman:

 Individuals in this position interact with trade / retailers to understand their needs and service them by effecting sales of relevant products. Perform cost-benefit and needs analysis of existing/ potential customer to meet their needs. Establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships.

Minimum qualification for Trainers

Sector : Retail  

QP code : RAS/Q0604

Job Role /Trade : Distributor

Minimum qualification of Trainers : 10th

Minimum years of experience : 2

Remarks/ Brief Description of the Desired Trainer Profile :

1.Experience in Retail Store Operations

2. Interpersonal Skills

3. Ability to Dissemination strategies

4. Knowledge and Ability to use methodologies aligned with audience profile in different training  


A Salesman, also called a sales Representative or salesperson, sells products or services to businesses or consumers. They explain how a product words or what services are available,provide sales materials such as brochures or pamphlets, create sales leads and follow up with new customers.A salesman must complete several tasks to close sales, meet sales quotas and create revenue for their employers. In reviewing several job listings for this profession, we found the following are among the core duties and responsibilities of a salesman.

  1. Selling
  2. Guiding the buyers
  3. Attending to complaints
  4. Collection of bills
  5. Collection of credit information
  6. Reporting
  7. Organizing
  8. Attend the sales meeting
  9. Touring
  10. Arrange the packing and delivery
  11. Window and counter displays
  12. Promotion of goodwill
  13.  Recruiting
  14.  Training
  15. Working with a Middleman.


Increasing and closing sales’s Secrets

  1. Ask the questions and listen carefully
  2. Showcase your full potential
  3. Assume the sale
  4. Stand out
  5. Tell your story visually
  6. Overcoming objections in sales
  7. Don’t fear giving away too much upfront
  8. Understand what motivates your customers to buy
  9. Push for decision
  10. Always over-deliver

As a small business owner, you know that closing a sale is crucial to your growth and success, many other small business owners wonder if there is something specific they can do to raise their close rate.


Identify Your Target in Audience. The first step is a lead generation is identifying your target audience. Pick Your Promotional Methods Wisely. Create and sale Funnel. Use an Email Newsletter to build Relationships. Leverage Social Media to Connect and Engage.

  • Company’s annual sales
  • Number of employees
  • Geography
  • Industry/vertical
  • Job title
  • Website technology
  • Marketing technology
  • Currently using a competitor service or product.

Web Designing: An Ongoing Course

In this year, 2020 the current course offered by our institution is web designing. The time duration about is 3 to 4 months. It includes 4 batches in a day. Each batch consist of 3 hours. Total number of students in every batch is 120 and in each batch is 30.

Web design indicate the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually indicate the user experience feature of website development preferably than software development. Web design used to be focused on designing websites for desktop browsers. A good web design is easy to use, ornamental pleasurable, and suits the user group and brand of the website. Web designing course in India have been obtain a lot of popularity from few years because of the growing internet popularity. Web designing was limited to few short team courses and was offered by the limited number of institutes.

Importance of Web designing:

 Web design is important because it smash how your viewers grasp your brand. A good web design helps you leads on your page.  It actually makes a difference on how your viewers views your business or company and assuredly turn them into your purchasers. Your website is a reflection of your brand . It is generally one of the first commodity people look at to get to know a brand. And consequently helps the first impression.

From a career interpretation, web design is a good option for starting a career. Web designers design websites, web pages and web applications for government or non-government associations, businesses and industries.

Working as a Web designer is a rewarding career. Designers can traverse many online sites to enjoy a salutary regular earning from home.They make money from home using their design skills and professionalism.You can design your work from home for online clients and earn regularly. The field of web design is expected to grow by 27% by the year 2024. The comprehension of web designer in multiple programming languages and digital tools . In this field, you can take best opportunities for advancement and obtain the highest levels of job security but when if you are a best web designer.


 2.0 (2016-20202) was launched in October 2016 and by June 2019 about 52.10 lakh candidates have received training and 12.64 lah (24.10 per cent) have got jobs.

 Our instituted started in 2019. Now In this time our instituted provided 4 course.

  1. Data entry
  2. Web designing
  3. Basic computer
  4. Distributor Sales mans

Our centre also provides entrepreneurial training and creates a unique space to make skill development aspirational for rural youth. Our centre fosters a culture of innovation, exploration and learning for tribal youth and improves the skilling ecosystem, eventually linking them to employment or entrepreneurial careers.

Shri Narendra Modi, Honourable prime minister of India , has led the ‘skill India mission’ to provide impetus to bring a sense of self confidence amongst the poor.

Job roles available

The jobs roles for which skill development courses are available. Some courses have a minimum and maximum eligibility in terms of age, academic qualification and work experience. Read the qualification pack of each job role for more details.

NULM Certificate

 Under NULM 2016-2020 , the entire training and assessment fees is paid by the Government of India. Who is eligible for certification? All the candidates who pass the assessments and/ or reassessment for specific job role are eligible for a graded certificate.


Placement refers to the process of connecting the selected person and employer in order to establish an ongoing employment relationship.

Placement refers to the process of connecting the selected person and employer in order to establish an ongoing employment relationship.

In this step the the employee is given the activities hr/she needs to perform and is told about his /her duties. Placement is usually followed by the process.

Current scenario of placement in India

According to the population, the revision , released by the united nations, India is to become the most populous nation in less than previously estimated by 2022 , India  is expected to have a population of 1.4 billion, from that point , likely to overtake china as the most populous nation of the world.

India however lags far behind in imparting placements as compare other countries only 4.4% in this time.

Employment though urban placement in 2050

  • To provide an asset to the urban poor in from of skill for sustained livelihood.
  • To increase the income of urban poor though structured employment and/or self employment opportunities which will eventually lead to better living standards and alleviation of urban poverty on a sustainable basis.
  • To ensure inclusive growth with increased contribution of skill poor to the national economy.

Introduction:Health and Safety laws apply to all business, no matter how small. In your business and workplace as an employer you are responsible for health and safety on your workplace.

Health can be defined as physical, social, psychological and spiritual welfare of specific. Health of the populace is purposive by people’s income, education, employment. Health has been viewed as an truancy of illness and if one was free from illness, then the person was considered to be healthy. what is health and safety rules in workplace

How to maintain good health

  • Balanced Diet
  • Hygiene
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Good Habits

Balanced Diet: A Balanced diet contains diverge kinds of foods in certain amount so that the obligation for calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins and alternative nutrients is enough.

Hygiene: Hygiene is preserve neatness through good habits and practices. Good hygiene impede several diseases from spreading.

Stay Hydrated: It’s important to stay hydrated moderately, throughout the day,” he says. Drinking fluent is essential to staying healthy. Preserve the operation of every system in your body, including your heart, brain, and muscles.

Good Habits: Maintaining good health is the mingling of many influence such as extra mile and adopt good and healthy habits. For example – don’t smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy diet, do yoga every day etc.what is health and safety rules in workplace


Safety is the state of being “Safe” the condition of being secured from harm or other shunned consequence. Also Safety refers yo concede hazards in order to execute an permitted level of risk. In workplace it is true impetus new workers to take up safety relate required for their safety. The basic aim of is to obstruct the contingency of mishaps.

Types of Safety

Basic Safety rules that you follow at your workplace:

Fire Safety: In workplace employees should be aware of all emergencies, including fire escape routes. In office building and workplace install smoke alarms and test smoke alarms every month.

Falls and Slips: To avoid falls and slips, all things must be arranged properly. Any split liquid, food or other items such as paints must be immediately cleaned to avoid any accidents.

First Aid: First-aid kits should be kept in places that can be reached quickly. Employees should know about the location of first-aid kits in the office. First-aid kits contain all important items to deal with common problems like cuts, burns,headaches etc.

Security: Employee should make sure that they keep their personal things in a safe place.

Electricity Safety: Employees must be provided basic knowledge of using electrical equipment and common problems and also provided instructions about electrical safety such as keeping water and foods items away from electrical equipment.

Types of Accidents

Trip and Fall: Customers or employees can trip on carelessly left loose material and fall down, such as tripping on loose wires, goods left on aisles, elevated threshold.

Slip and Fall: People may lose foothold on the floor and stairs resulting in injuries. Slips are mainly due to wet floors. Other causes: spilling of liquids or throwing of other slip-causing material on floors, such fruit peels.

Injuries caused due to elevators: People may be injured in elevators by falling down due to sudden, jerking movement of elevators or by tripping on elevators’ threshold. Injuries can be caused by falling on escalators and getting hurt.

Safety Symbols

Danger from chemicals

Danger from Electricity

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Prohibition

First Aid

Recycle product

Emergency exit or Fire exit

Protect Health & Safety at your work

In Relation to workplace safety and health, hazard can be defined as any source of potential harm or danger to someone or any adverse health effect produced under certain condition.

A Hazard can harm an individual or an organization. For example, hazard to an organization include loss of property or equipment while hazard to an individual involve harm to health or body.Here are a few examples of potential hazards:

1.Material: knife or sharp edged nails can cause cuts.

2.Substance: Chemicals such as Benzene can cause fume suffocation.

3.Electrical energy: Naked wires or electrodes can result in electric shocks.

4.Condition: Wet floor can cause slippage.

5.Gravitational energy: Objects falling on you can cause injury.

Time management

Time management is a process of organizing and structuring the time in such a way that it gives effect on our life. Time management is key to also helps how to allocate your time between different activities.

“Plan better avoid wastage”

The biggest truth is that time is the best powerful weapon and equalizer in life.Every rich, poor,small, tall and weak person have same amount of time.To achieve goals in life one must have to manage time properly. Organize in such a way that it should must be is an art. Time management is having control over the amount of time spent on a particular activity.

Time management is the process organising your time, and deciding how to allocate your time between different activities. Good time management is the difference between working smart (getting more done in less time) and working hard(working for more time to get more done).

Basic Principles of Time Management

  1. Planning. Planning is always important task performed before to perform a particular activity. Planning means to plan in such a way that it must be beneficial and less costly.
  2. Organize and Prioritize. …
  3. The 80/20 Rule. … It refers to that 80percent of the outputs comes when you put 20percent of your effort.The 80/20 rule can help you identify where the majority of your time, money or energy and force is best spent.

4.Do One Thing At A Time. … only do one thing at a time don’t do multitasking at one time.

5.Avoid Distractions. … Keep away mobile phones, gadgets and other digital things when you were doing your work.

6.Delegate. …

7. Yourself Healthy and Stress-free. … It is the most important thing . If your body is healthy and stress free your can put more focus on your work and do it efficiently.

8.Learn to say “NO”

Time wasting Culprits

* Telephone

*Inefficient Delegation

*Extended Lunches or Breaks

* Cluttered work Space

*Poorly Organized Meetings

*Working Without a Plan

Differentiate between Urgent and Important task

It is most important for one to know difference between urgent and important task.

Urgent task

  •  Assume importance as they demand immediate attention
  • May become urgent if left undone
  • Usually have a long term effect

To judge importance gauge tasks in terms of

  • Impact of doing them
  • Effect of not doing them

Main aim of prioritization is to avoid crisis.

What is Effective time management?

Effective time management leads to an efficient work output, even when you are faced with tight deadlines and high pressure situations. On the other hand, not managing your time effectively results in inefficient output increases stress and anxiety.

Characteristics of Highly Creative People

Time management can lead ho huge benefits like:

  1. Greater productivity:Productivity is all about knowing how to work smarter not harder. Just to get more output with same amount of input.Greater productivity helps in achieving goals simple words, with time management we can generate greater productivity.
  •  Better professional reputation:Time management  helps and provide better professional reputation in workplace.
  •  Reduced stress:Healthy living and Exercise are two of your best weapons against workplace stress.
  • Higher chances for career advancement
  • Higher efficiency
  • Greater opportunities to achieve goals

Not managing time effectively can result in undesirable consequences like:

  1. Missing deadlines
  2.  Inefficient work output
  3.  Stalled career
  4.  Poor professional reputation
  5.  Increase in stress and anxiety

 Likewise time management anger management is also important.Anger management is the process of:

  • Learning to recognise the signs that you, or someone else , is becoming angry
  • Taking the best course of actiuon to calm down the situation in a positive way

Importance of anger management

Anger is a perfectly normal human emotion.In fact ,when managed the right way, anger can be considered a healthy emotion.

Extreme anger can:

  1. Hurt you physically: It leads to heart disease, diabetes, a weakened immune system, insomniaand high blood pressure.
  2.  Hurt you mentally: It can cloud your thinking and lead to stress, depression and mental health isssues.
  3.  Hurt your career: it can result in alienating your colleagues, bosses, clients and lead to loss of respect.
  4.  Hurt your relationship: It makes it hard for your family and friends to trust you, be honest with you and feel comfortable around you.
  5. That’s why anger management, or managing anger appropriately, is so important.

Anger management strategies

`Strategy 1: Relaxation

Something as simple as breathing deeply and looking at relaxing images works wonders in calming down angry feelings.

Strategy 2: Cognitive restructuring

Cognitive restructuring means changing the manner in which you think. Anger can make you curse, swear and act dramatically. When it happens, force yourself to replace your angry thoughts with more logical ones.

Strategy 3:Problem Solving

Getting  angry about problem that you cannot control is a perfectly natural response.

Strategy 4: Better communication

When you’re angry it is very easy to jump to inaccurate conclusions.In this case,, you need to force yourself to stop reacting, and think carefully about what you want to say, before saying it.

Strategy 5:Changing your Environment

If you find that your environment is the cause of your anger, try and give yourself a break from your surroundings.

Main aim of prioritization is to avoid crisis.


A vamp is an attractive, dangerously flirtatious woman. A vamp in an old movies might wear tight clothes and bright red lipstick. The noun vamp is somewhat old fashioned, implying a woman who uses her charisma and beauty to charm men into doing what she wants them to do.

Vampire history:

 A vampire is a creature from folklore that subsists by feeding on the vital essence of living .In European folklore,, vampire are creatures that often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighborhoods they inhabited while they they were alive.

1.What is vampire?

There are almost as many different characteristics of vampire legends. But the main characteristic of vampires(or vampire) is they drink human blood . they typically drain their victim’s blood using their sharp fangs, killing them and turning them into vampires.

In general,vampires hunt at night since sunlight weakens their powers. Some may have the ability to morph into a bat or a wolf vampires have a hypnotics, effect on their victims.

2.The bloody truth about vampires

This 700 year-old skeleton was found with its teeth removed and stabbed thought the chest with an iron rod.scholars suspect towns people did this to ward off vampires -a very real fear in Europe for hundreds of years.

3.Mercy brown vampire incident

 Mercy brown vampire incident occurred in Rhode us,in 1892, it is one of the best documented cases of the exhumation of a corpse in order of perform rituals to banish an manifestation, the incident was part of winder new England vampire panic.

4.Real vampire

Although modern science has silenced the vampire fears of the past , people who call themselves vampire do exist. They are normal seeming people who drink small amounts of blood in a effort to stay healthy.

Some vampire don’t ingest human blood but claim to feed off the of others ,many state that if they don’t feed regularly. They become agitated or depressed.

5. Are vampire real?

While even the most ardent vampire admire recognize vampire about falling pray to these children of the night.long ago way before the day of emotional  on the merits of team Edward versus teams of a cap ,people devoted a lot of time  and to keeping their  safe from them these blood. And as you will discovers in guide to all things to all things vampires the creatures,of the night are still having a every real impact on people’s lives to day.


A brief history of the immortals of none Hindu civilizations Shri guru.

A natural history of vampires  home page . Meet the real life vampire of new England and beyond.

Real life vampire exist and researcher are  them.

Where do vampire came from the real life disease the vampire myth.

A data entry operator take written information from forms, applications, or company files and enter the information into computer system database, or applications for business use. Some positions deal mostly typing, such as word processing or computerized customer files. People in these jobs handle letters, documents, and mailing lists. Other positions feature heavy emphasis on numerical data entry, such as accounting, banking and mortgage, or loan information. Data entry operators work in marketing, accounting, human resources, or healthcare, and many work hours are spent seated at a computer.

Brief job Description : A job description summarizes the essential responsibilities, activities, qualifications and skills for a role. Also known as a JD, this documents describes the type of work preformed. A job description should include important company details–company mission , culture and any benefits it provides to employees.

Personal Attributes : Personal qualities are the characteristics, attributes or personality traits of an individual. Examples of personal attributes inclide being honest, having a good sense of humour or being dependable.


Data Entry Operator Job Responsibilities

 Prepares, compiles, and sorts documents for data entry. Verifies and logs receipt of data. Transcribes source data into the required electronic format. Transfers information from paper formats into computer files using keyboard, data recorders, or optical scanners.

Essential Functions

Enters, updates and verifies data into various systems for use by all personnel.

  1. Reviews and verifies data entered into database to ensure accuracy.
  2. Tracks documents received and completion dates.
  3. Assists and trains employees and new data entry operators on software programs.
  4. Provides assistance to technical staff to resolve computer and software problems.
  5. Runs and distributes reports.
  6. Creates back up files for all data.


  • Insert customer and account data by inputting text based and numerical information from source documents within time limits.
  • Compile, verify accuracy and short information according to priorities to prepare source data for computer entry.
  • Review data for deficiencies or errors, correct any incompatibilities if possible and check output.
  • Apply data program techniques and procedures.
  • Generate reports, store completed work in designated locations and perform backup operations.
  • Keep information confidential.

Ensuring the Accuracy of the Data

As a data entry operator, you are responsible to make sure that the data entered in a system or software must be accurate and up to date. As a data entry operator, you have to enter various types of information in the system, and keeping the quality of the work is extremely important. However, it does highlight the impact that seemingly small data accuracy checks to ensure the accuracy of data and analytics models and outputs.

Confidentiality of the Data

Data confidentiality is about protecting data against unintentional, unlawful, or unauthorized access, disclosure, or theft.Another key responsibility is to keep the confidentiality of the data.In some cases the nature of the work assigned to you is extremely sensitive. Just like data entry operators working in the bank or working as a freelances for a bank. Keeping the quality of the data may be the basic responsibility of a data entry operator, but often it is equally important to keep the data confidential.

Communication with the other stoff

As a data entry operator, you have to communication with other colleagues, and high ups on a daily basis to verify or update the information. As a punctual and accurate data entry operator, you have to know the art of communication so that you can easily the quality of the work.

Concentration and Focus

Often you have to spend long hours on the computer in order to complete your tasks, and in this situation it becomes extremely hard to keep the same concentration level.

Ready to make corrections

As human beings we all make mistakes, and as a data entry operator, making errors is a normal thing.You have to be ready for the necessary corrections all the time. Whether it is a typo, or change in the information , you should never say “No” to any change.

Challenges Faced by Data Entry Operators

Owing to the low skill requirement for the job and the easily replaceable workforce, data entry experts are hired on a temporary basis. Very few companies take the pain of hiring full time data entry operators. This makes it all the more important for people to adhere to strict quality parameters.

Data entry operators are going to be in high demand over the next decade or so because of the need to updates regularly and the cheap labour that is very much required in research projects. With most aspects of health care going into the electronic format, data entry operators can easily find jobs in such fields.


  1. Communication Proficiency.
  2. Ethical Conduct.
  3. Organizational Skills.
  4. Technical Capacity.
  5. Time Management.
  6. Thoroughness.

Steps to Become a Data Entry Operator

Step 1: Gain Data Entry Skills

Employers train data entry operators, but good typing and numeric key entry skills are a common prerequisite. Knowledge of database software, spreadsheet, and word processing is helpful. Good spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills are also necessary, as well as strong reading comprehension.

Success Tips

  1. Increase the speed  at which you type
  2. Use hotkeys rather than mouse
  3. Have stipulated working hours
  4. Organize the files on your computer
  5. Spend time in research to improve your accuracy
  6. Learn to multitask
  7. Embrace activities that will keep your mentally alert.

Step 2: Gain Experience

Related entry-level positions, such as a word processor or typist, can help you to gain the experience required the by most employers. In these positions, you will learn how to check for spelling and punctuation, organize page reports, and short data.

Step 3: Gain Employment for Advancement

High schools and collages, as well as online job boards, have local

jobs require typing skills of certain amount of words per minute, and some position require aptitude with specific software.


A Digital Marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies support goods, services, and brands.

      Today digital marketing is an spacious system of channels to which marketers simply must onboard their brands, advertising online is much more complex than the channels alone. In order to achieve the true potential of digital marketing, marketers have ti dig deep into today’s huge and complex cross-channel world to discover strategies that make an impact through engagement marketing. Engagement marketing is the method of forming meaningful interactions with potential and returning customers based on the data you collect over time.

“DIGITAL MARKETING” is the core of everything today- it has gone from ’one of the things marketing does ‘ to ‘THE thing that marketing does.


DIGITAL MARKETING can be broadly broken into 7 main categories. Examples of digital marketing include:  

  1. Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  3. Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Marketing automation
  6. Digital advertising
  7. Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms. It is a website to promote a media marketing provides companies a best way to influence new customers, absorb with enduring customers. It is promote customers coveted culture, pursuit, or tone. Social media marketing is a form internet marketing. In which involves fabricate and sharing content on social media network. To use social media marking in right way you can take many benefits like better SEO, higher conversion rates, improved brand loyalty etc.

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Through organic search engine results in your website search engine optimization increasing  the quality and quantity of traffic. SEO is a practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. By internet you can interact all the visitors in the world.suppose you’re a resource for Apple computer and all the visitors coming in your site so that is not quality traffic. Instead who visitors authentically interested in your product when you enchant with all other and offer them.Traffic does play a remarkable role in your website emerge in search results.

  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

It is also a Internet marketing that involves the promotion of website. By increasing their distinctness in search engine results you can promote your website.Search engine marketing is one of the most effective way to grow you business.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message.It involves using email to send advertisements,provoke sales or donations.The term usually refers to sending email messages with the purpose of intensify.

  • Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation indicate to software platforms and technologies. For software platforms and technologies it design marketing department and organize effective market on many online channels. Higher revenue and faster growth etc. is the same aim of all organizations. But Marketing Automation solve this problem. It is increase usable proficiency and grow receipts faster. It enables companies to elegant, motorized, and measure marketing tasks and enterprise.

  • Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is the promotional content to users across various online and digital channels. It purchase mediums like social media, email,mobile apps, search engine. Website shows advertisement and message to viewers. For reaching buyer in every stage of the buying funnel , Digital advertising used data-driven advertising strategy. Digital advertising is a targeted, who can move one stage of buying funnel to the next.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is the marketing and business process for fabricate and distributing material and idiomatic content. To attract and  attain, capture a clearly defined and understood target audience- with the objective profitable customer action.

 Need of digital Marketing

Why we need digital marketing for our business?

Using digital marketing, we can reach to various customers from worldwide without any use of money and without any wasting time.Through digital marketing we can make a good relationship with the customers. We can judge them according to their wants. Digital marketing is a very useful method for to promoting our brands and products in a very easy way .  

Using digital marketing we can reach massive crowd of people in just a few seconds. We can increase our brand advertisement through digital marketing.

1.Less costly in time: Digital marketing is a good method to run a business and to earn a more profit.The main objective of a business is to earn more and more profit. This goal can be achieved if we give more and more time to our business and digital marketing as we know is less costlier in time within a few time we can reach to our massive audience.

2.More profit: We can earn more profit by investing less through digital marketing. For a running a business we have to invest more and more for to selling our brands and to advertise them in traditional marketing system but in digital marketing we don’t have to so.we can just make a huge profit through digital marketing.

3. Connection with customers: we can easily build a relationship between customers.As customers plays a vital role in running our business.They are makers of the business.

Through social media we can get large audience and we can know about their wants.A connection between a customer and buyer is most important to run a business in a affluent a business we have to know about their demands and things what they are looking for. If we establish a good connection with our customers then we can run our business very fast.

  • 4. Communication: In a business it very important to have a better communication between a customer and a seller. Through digital marketing this communication had become very easy.people can communicate when they are not satisfied from the product of the company or when they are not satisfied from their product.communication has become easier through internet marketing.people can ask their queries on this platform about any product or brand.

 5.Know about your competitors: We can see our competitors through online. While running a business we have to know about our competitor also. What they doing?, What they are selling?, What are they advertising, How they  advertising? Etc.All of these  queries are important to know. Because these queries makes us strong opinion about our brand. And we will  know how our competitor is working and how much he is earning. Through digital marketing we can all know this.

6Brand reputation: brand reputation can increased through digital marketing. Brand reputation is most important thing in the field of business.increase of brand reputation may increase profit. Some customers only buy that5 things which are related to some brands. So brand reputation is important for that. If a seller advertise a brand in proper way and in a understandable way then its reputation increases.

7. Easy Adapting of Strategies:Another major advantage of internet marketing is that they are very easy to understand. We can easily understand through the result of strategies which one is giving you results and which one is not. Strategies that are implemented in digital marketing gives you results on a real-time basis.

For example, if we want to promote our blog page then we can simply share our blogs on various social media platforms. With the help of content marketing, we can increase our engagement with our audience very soon and very accurate and real.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Our Business

The 7 benefits of digital marketing that will surely help the right decision for your business:

1.The Valuable Data and Analytics

2.Content Performance

3.Improved Conversion Rates

4.Digital Marketing more Effective than Traditional Marketing

5. Revenue Share in Digital Marketing

6.Internet of things in Digital Marketing

7.Build Trust in Digital Marketing

1.The Valuable Data and Analytics:

               Digital Marketing you can have an idea of the exact numbers of people who have viewed your website’s.The real time data analysis provides you with a better understanding of your marketing.

  • The number of people visiting your business page
  • How much time they are spending on your site

     The real time data analysis provides you with a better understanding of your marketing.

2.Content Performance:

                   Once you create an impactful visual content, Start promoting it on social media.Digital Marketing, you can measure exactly how many people’s viewed your marketing can build better awareness and affinity for your brand.

3. Improved Conversion Rates:

               The conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors.converting a customer online is not a big deal.Digital Marketing, you can reach out to your customers at any time.

4. Digital Marketing Most Effective than Traditional Marketing:

  Digital Marketing sometimes more cost effective than traditional, but also it is a more direct way to connect with target audiences globally.Digital Marketing is essential for businesses today. It’s become routine for consumers to conduct research and make purchases Online.

Digital Marketing lets you save money to a substantial extent.advertising channels such as Radio, Television,and Mobile.with email marketing automation.

5.Revenue Share in Digital Marketing:

Revenue sharing in Digital Marketing is also known as cost per sale, in which the cost of advertising is determined by the Revenue generated as a result of the advertisement itself.

6.Internet of things in Digital Marketing:

           The internet of things describes any device that has a sensor or connection to the Internet, and may also be able to connect to other devices that have the same capabilities.the Internet of Things is a global ecosystem of interconnected devices- smartphones, tablets, and several digital gadgets.

7. Build Trust in Digital Marketing:

The company needs to build a Relationship with them, yet no consumers are sitting around and waiting for a company to develop a lasting Relationship with them.

Building trust in Digital Marketing requires understanding how consumers view trust this knowledge to create better customer experience and interaction.



The culture of Punjabi encompasses the spoken language, literature, written, cuisine, science, mailitary warfare, technology, traditions, architecture, sacrifices, values and history of the punjabi people native to the northern part of the Indian subcontinent.


Punjabi is called the land of five Rivers_’Punj’ means five and ‘ab’ means water. Beas, sutluj, chenab, Ravi and Jhelum are the five rivers that flow in this divide it into there major parts called Doaba, Majha and malwa. The River make the quite fertile, which which is why the state gives the entire country a good harvest. When you visit, you’ll surely find a number of agricultural fields blooming with sugarcane, maize, barley and others cereal crops.


Distinctively Punjabi cuisine is known for its rich, buttery flavours along with the extensive vegetarian and meat dishes. Main dishes include sarhon da saag(a stew whose main ingudient is mustard greens) and makki di roti (flatbreads made with cornmeal).

The statue has milk in abundance, and thus milk products are a port of everyday meals-buttermilk and curd being essentials. They prefer their food to be spiey and full of ghee. A typical Pinjabi breakfast consists of paraunthas stuffed with different vegetables like potato, cauliflower, onion, radish, or even cottage cheese with large glass of buttermilk.

Certain non-begetarian dishes are also poplar like roghan josh, tandoori chicken, karahi chicken, and chicken tikka, which are generally accompained  with naan, phulka, puri or rice.While at a punjabi restaurant,you can also choose from other food items like shahi paneer, rajma,dal makhni, rao ki kheer, along with papad and various milk sweets.chhole-kulche is yet another punjabi delicacy, best enjoyed in Amritsar.


Just like this colourful state, the people here like to dress in vibrant colour. As there’s a huge Sikh population, you’ll find a lot of man wearing turbans (locally called pagg) in different styles.Traditionally, men used to wear kurta and tehmat (a baggy pajama made of cotton or silk), which has now been replaced with kurta-pajama .The women folk  used to wear ghaghra (a long skirt)and kameez (a long top), along with a waistcoat, but now they tent to wear salwar suite, with different varieties of salwar (like churidar and patiala). The salwar suit is also accompained with a dupatta which comes in vivid colors and phulkari embroidery,


Punjabi music is full of passion and exuberance. The songs are melodious as well as energetic. The music of Punjab is becoming popular all over the world and is being in quite a lot of Bollywood movies these day,true essence of the culture lines in its folk music.It comprises of simple instruments, such as Dhol and Dholak, played in sync with Punjabi Boliyan. You can enjoy Punjabi weddings, family functions or festivals.

The Punjab love to dance. Bhangra is the most famous of all dance forms here, performed mainly by men. Giddha is another dance practiced mainly by Punjabi women. Loud drumming and hooting is often seen during Punjabi dance. Kikli,sammi, jhumar and gatka are some other folk dances which u get to see here.


Punjab art and craft are described as an expression or creation of something attractive especially in visual forms. It comes in different decorative handicrafts and designs. It is popularly known in the different because of its associated beauty and quality.Punjab has a unique embroidery technique known as phulkari, often seen on dupattas. These dupattas make for beautiful souvenirs that you must buy during your visit.worn as a scarf of stole,and they can make any outfit look colorful and elegant.


The traditional dress of men in Punjab is kurta-pajama with turban and women wear lehenga-kurta as their traditional dress along with Patiala suite… Wearing a turban is its style and is compulsory for all Sikhs.


The Sikhs celebrate Baisakhi, one of the the most celebrated festivals of Punjab by bathing in the holy river and visiting the Gurudwaras, where they take part in the prayers help during the day. Baisakhi gets everyone into the festive mood, and people like to dance their heart out.


Here are the top destinations in Amritsar Golden Temple, Jallainwala Bagh, Akal Takht,Tara Taran Sahib,Maharaja Ranjit singh Panorama,Wagah Border, Maharaja Ranjit singh Museum and Rambagh Golden.

Google Adsense


Google AdSense is a contextual advertisement service provided by Google. Google AdSense is a fast and easy way to decriminalize your website. Google AdSense provides feasibly the easiest method to make money online. AdSense is a free and simple way to earn money by displaying ads. The AdSense program differs in that it delivers ads served by Google Ads to your site. your payment depending how many visitor comes on your site.When users click on an ad in your search results, you get a share of the ad revenue.Google AdSense is most frequently used by companies. In one company 10-50 employees earn 1M-10M dollars. But participation in AdSense is free. Part-time bloggers some of the largest publishers on the web.AdSense pay Google pay-per-click or cost per Mile. Google shares a percentage of that proceeds with the AdSense publishers.

With AdSense you can display text and image ads that are pick out the subject matter of a website page.That amount you can earn dependents on the keyword and number of advertiser.Advertisers can tender to display their advert whenever a visitor searches on Google for a certain keyword.

History Of adsense:

 Google AdSense program was launched in mid 2003 by Google. Nowdays it is most popular advertising program in the internet.The AdSense name was initially used by Solicit connotation,a merciless offering to AdSense. Some advertisers complained that AdSense surrender inferior results than Google Ads. As a result, in 2004 Google allowed its advertisers to option out of the AdSense network. In 2009, Google AdSense announced new features, including the ability to “enable multiple networks to display ads”.In Feb 2010, Google AdSense start search history to offer more applicable ads.On Jan 21,2014 Google AdSense launched a tool where publishers may directly sell ads.But earlier this feature was emeritus on Feb,2015.

Google AdSense is one of the oldest and most popular program. It is the oldest network to ad publishing and works at pay per click system and cost per mile.Google AdSense satisfied all the customers across the world.The main reason for choosing Google AdSense is that we can earn huge amount of money.But is done when you work properly and right way.There are many bloggers who are making a complete living from their blogs and Google AdSense. It provides a better opportunity to decriminalize their traffic.     

How to apply for a Google Adsense account and how to get approval from Adsense. 

 It is the dream of every blogger to get Adsense approved.

But, it’s not easy.

Goggle Adsense is very strict when it comes to approve a new application.

Before applying or to get approval from google Adsense we have to keep some important points to remember so that we can get approval fast.

Points to remember:

  1. Excellent Quality of content:

 The important thing is that the content should of high quality. It should of more length where complete information is given.

Because your will reviewed by the visitors and you have to impress them to get agreement from Adsense.A high quality content should be as follows:

* No spelling mistakes

* Highly informative

* easy to understand

* useful and original

  • Design of your blog:

 The design of your blog should be neat and clean.blogs of poor design doesn’t get approval from Adsense because the visitors love to visit their where they can get complete information and provides comfort to their eyes. Poor designed blogs are rejected by Google Adsense.It doesn’t mean you have to buy premium images it means that you just have to create it good and preety.

  • Not to use copyright images:

We have not to use copyright images.Because the professional photographers have the copy right on it. They work very hard to get the photos capture. If we use their images in our website then a copyright mark is placed on it Goggle Adsense doesn’t allow that and it will reject our approval.

  • Discover good quality posts:

 For getting approval for Adsense you should have to design posts of good quality of your own about 10-15 on your website to make sure Goggle knows that your are taking seriously and your website can be monitizied. The best time to apply for adsense when you have atleast 25 good quality of posts.your length should be atleast 700+words with good quality content.

  • Age should be 18+

For applying for Adsense approval your age should be 18 or more than 18 years to have an account. Because adsense is not for the people who are under 18. If you write incorrect date of birth when you are demanding for approval then this will put you in trouble wheather your content are highly informative and understandable.

  • Your website should be six months old

 Your site should be six months old. Because this shows that your working eagerly to get adsense approval. This shows that you are showing great interest in your website.

  • Restricted contents:

 Goggle restrict a lot of contents. Goggle have its rules and regulations.It has a lot of restrictions on various contents.Your site cannot contain things hacking content, drug content, weapon sales and so on.We have to make sure that your site complies with all of their rules before you apply.

  • In terms of service:

Google is very serious about his ad network. As they want valueable things which attract the attention of the need to have that website which meets all of Goggle’s terms of service.


Google is the most popular search engine in the world. In october 2020, online search engine bing accounted for 6.18% of the global search market, while market leader Google had a market share of 84.14%.

Google Ads is a free online advertising platform that allows businesses to pay for their Ads to be shown on Google, search Engine results pages(SERP’s) and across the Google Display Network.

Google Display Network a powerful system that reaches more than 2 million websites and 90 % of internet users, the Google Display Network can get your Ads in front of targeted Audiences across the globe.

The Display Network is a collection of websites- Including specific Google websites like Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and Youtube – that show Ads.

This Network also includes Mobile sites and apps.


Google AdSense provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online content. AdSense is a program that allows bloggers and wedsites owners to make money by displaying Google Ads.

There are two way to make money from AdSense:

  1. Earnings
  2. Page views
  3. Impressions
  4. Clicks
  5. PageCTR
  6. ImpressionCTR
  7. CPC
  8. Page RPM
  9. Impression RPM        


This is based on the number of pageviews of pages or posts with Ads. An impression is counted for each Ad request where at least one Ad has begun to download to the user’s device.


This is based on how many people click on the Ads. For standard content Ads, for link units, we count a click when a user clicks on an Ad on the page of Ads, after selecting a link in the link unit.

How to earn with Google AdSense

Are you interested to earn AdSense income online? Do you want to work online and pay your bills? AdSense will change your life here!

How Much Google AdSense Pay On YouTube  !

 YouTube is one of many ways you can become an Internet , if you are lucky an Internet millionaire. YouTube is easiest way to earn money from home

1 million views — between $2,000 and $40,000

  • Google pays out 68% of their AdSense revenue thus for every $100 an advertiser pays, Google pays $68 to the publisher.
  • The actual rates an advertiser pays varies, normally  between $0.10 to $0.30 per view, but averages out at $0.18 per view.
  • On Average the YouTube channel can receive $18 per 1,000 ad views.

How Much Adsesne Pay Apps !

AdSense allows you to place relevant ads on Apps,

 like those you see running on, onto your website.

 PER 1,000 views in India you can make somewhere between $0.5 — $2 USD, depending on your niche. 

How much Google Adsense pay on websites !

 The highest paying ads show on your site

Publishers get 68% of the click amount. In practice, the commission per click can range from $0.20 to $15.

What is invalid traffic and how we can prevent it?

Invalid traffic: Invalid traffic has become a major problem in social media and become a problem for the marketers.All publishers and marketers are facing this problem from worldwide.Google Adsense is very strict policy for invalid clicks on ads. It can easily detect a publisher clicks his own ad. In this case, Google may disable your adsense account.

It simply means it is purchased traffic which is not good for an adsense account and for marketers and publishers.As it mostly consist of click farms where  software or humans are asssigned to provide clicks and impressions.

There  are many users who keep clicking all the ads shown on the screen with the intention of fraud. These clicks have no value.

Prevention from Invalid Traffic:

*We should never click on your ads.

*WE should never purchase traffic

*Understand what is ad traffic

*Avoid partnering with untrusted parties.

There are many users who keep clicking all the ads shown on the screen with the intention of fraud. Such clicks have no actual value. Such type of invalid traffic yield good leads and it makes the impressions and clicks worthless and of no use. As we know that google is very strict policy and it is charging the advertisers for their ads. And it became the responsibility of the Google to provide targeted clicks to theior products and services.

When they saw suspicious increase in traffic such as sudden increase in users or span comments, then they take action immediately which includes restrict your adsense account.

Introduction: Farmers plays a vital role in our country. They are the backbone of our society.Population of our country mostly depends in agriculture. About 85% of the population of our country earn their livelihood from agriculture.Since every person needs food to eat for their living, so they are the important for our society.

Indian farmer holding crop plant in his Wheat field

 “A Farmer manages

Its farm and cultivate

Its field, ranches,

Nurseries etc.”   

Agriculture in India

Agriculture in India is the main occupation of people. India’s agriculture is composed of many crops.They grow pulses, potatoes, wheat, rice, sugarcane and also non-eatable items such as cotton, jute rubber etc.

India is the world’s largest producer of milk,pulses and jute and holds the rank of second largest producers of rice, wheat, sugarcane ,groundnut, vegetables, fruit and cotton.West Bengal is the largest food grain producing state in India.

Types of Farming:

  1. Subsistence farming
  2. Shifting agriculture
  3. Plantation agriculture
  4. Intensive farming
  5. Dry agriculture
  6. Mixed agriculture
  7. Terrace agriculture
  8. Crop rotation

Problems faced by farmers:

Farmers of India face many problems related to agriculture.Even government do not help them in their cases.Agriculture is a seasonal occupation. Nature call also damage their occupation. Some of the biggest problems faced by them are as follows:

* low variety seeds

* Soil erosion

* Small and fragmented land

* Marketing of agricultural products

* shortage of capital

* Irrigation

* Water supply

* Electricity problem

* Uneducated labour force

* Unskilled entrepreneur

* Lack of modern technology

 From all these problems how a farmer can live a better life. Due to these problems they Farmers of India face many problems related to agriculture.Even government do not help them in their cases.Agriculture is a seasonal occupation.

The state of a Indian farmer is very critical in India. They do get what they deserve.

Nowadays, we can see in Punjab how farmers are protesting.

Why are the farmers protesting in Punjab?

The farmers of Punjab are protesting against the new farm laws in Delhi. They are suffering from deep economic stress. They are afraid of losing their income if Minimum Support Price(MSP)will withdrawn.The government has passed new bill for the farmers.The Essential Goods(Amendment)Bill,2020 seeks to remove the goods like pulses ,Oilseeds, onions and potatoes which are included in the list of essential commodities.

 They are protesting against three bills that the Rajya Sabha recently passed.These bills frame that the farmer will sell producing items directly to corporates, argue the Center.

They have a fear that this may be reduce their income.

Indian Farmer Laws 2020

On September 2020,our President Ram Nath Kovind gave his agreement to the three “Farming bills” that were earlier passed by Indian Parliament. Which were as follows:

1: Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce(promotion and Facilitation) Act,2020

This Bill was introduced in Lok Sabha on 14 September 2020.This Act also provide a facility of buying and selling the agricultural product via internet.Act allows trade of Farmer produced in outside trade area such as farm gates, factory premises etc.It can be only done in APMC or Mandis.

2:Farmer Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020

3:Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act,2020

In this Act government can also fixes the MRP of any packaged product.

Delhi Chalo March:

 Thousands of Farmers reached the national capital on their tractor-trolleys responding to “Delhi Chalo”. Against the three laws that were passed on 27 September 2020.

Protesters gathered at Delhi’s border at Tigri and Singhu. Police used water cannons and tear gas to stop them through barricades.

There demands were to removal of the three laws which reduce the sale of their crops.Many protesters are from Punjab and Haryana as well. They are also getting support from U.P, Rajasthan, M.P.

What the centre says: The Narendra Modi government says that the new laws will give more options to the farmers to sell their crops.

 Sharad Pawar to meet President kovind over farmer’s protests.

* National Congress Party(NCP) chief Sharad Pawar will meet Ram Nath Kovind on December 9.He stated that if the problem will not resolved soon then we will see farmers from across the country joining them.

Some auto, taxi unions in Delhi to join “Bharat Bandh”on Dec 8.

Karnataka farmers will also join the protest of farmers on Dec 8.

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