What is the network marketing

What is the network marketing

1.Network marketing:-

Network marketing is most growing businuss on earth. In this market costumer are distributors those who promote products and services and costumer gets an opportunity to earn a big income . In this field distributors serve products direct from company to costumer. The second name of  network marketing is direct selling.

2. The way network marketing works:-

Network marketing is a group work of peoples. It works like a pyramid when you make a sale, everyone above you will get its profit. When someone sells product below you then you will get its profit.

3. Advantages of network marketing:-

1. Passive income:- One a team formed in network marketing, passive income starts coming whether you work or not.your team will work for you. Actually team work for themselves but indirectly works for you also.

2. Financially strong:- Through  this businuss  anyone can achieve financial freedom in 5 to 6 year years by hard work and dedication. You can earn money unlimited it depends on you how much you want to earn.

3. Fame :-  there is so much respects, people  here are inspired by you and want to be like you.lots of people want to click photo with you.

4. communication skill improve:- In this marketing you learn to put your ideas in front of peoples with effective way, and to influence it by your interaction.

5. Unlimited income:- Through this network you can create unlimited income by some hard work and dedication.

6. Positive mindset:-  If you work with this network , then your mindset will be positive.

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