How to slim in 15 days

How to slim in 15 days

Hello guys Today I will give you a diet that will change full shape of your body in 15 days.

Firstly I want to give you some precious thought about how to get slim body just by your Diet plan yes guys its possible.I am giving you a golden diet that will change your whole life. Follow this diet and you’ll  get amazing transformation.this diet will burn fast your fat and you will look thinner.If you will do a little exercise with this diet, then the result will be seen twice.

I am telling you some exercises:-

a.) Skipping

b.) Crunches

c.) Jogging

d.) Jumping rope

e.) Cycling

f.) Squat  jumps

g.) Treadmill

Now I will tell you some instructions. If you accept these all things  then you will get very good result.

1.Start your day with a glass of warm water this is the easiest way to hit your metabolism.

2. Start your day with some light workout

3. Avoid eating after sunset.

4. Avoid junk food.

5.Do some walk after meal.

6. Sleep on time

This is the instruction that I have given you, if you follow it with a diet. Then nobody can stop you from becoming a thin. If you want thin body so have to accept these instructions.

Now this is the real diet that will make you slim in 15 days. Do this diet and get amazing results.


(1) Morning tea (Turmeric tea)

a.) 1 Liter water
b.) One spoon turmeric root powder
c.) 1 Spoon grated Ginger
d.) One spoon teaspoon black pepper
e.) 1 to 2 cinnamon  sticks

(2)Breakfast :-7:00 – 7:30AM

a.) Quinoa  Pulao               
b.) Multigrain roti with desi ghee (1 to 2) with Dahi                
c.) Stuff prantha with desi ghee (1 to 2) with dahi

note:- you will get the recipe easily on the net

(3) Mid morning snack

a.) One apple or any fruit(1 to 2)

(4) Lunch:-1:00-1:30PM

a.) Sauteed beans


b.) Moong sprout salad


c.) Weight loss pumpkin


d.) Indian squash

note:- you will get the recipe easily on the net

(5) Evening tea

  1. )  Green tea

(6) Dinner:- 7:00-7:30PM

a.) Soya chunks bowl


  b.) Veggie paneer bhurji


c.) Masala egg plate

note:- you will get the recipe easily on the net

(7) Night drink

a.) Cinnamon detox drink
  b.) Zeera drink :-
         boil 1 ltr water and 2 tabel spoon zeera
         Drink hot hot 

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