What is time management?

Time management

Time management is a process of organizing and structuring the time in such a way that it gives effect on our life. Time management is key to success.it also helps how to allocate your time between different activities.

“Plan better avoid wastage”

The biggest truth is that time is the best powerful weapon and equalizer in life.Every rich, poor,small, tall and weak person have same amount of time.To achieve goals in life one must have to manage time properly. Organize in such a way that it should must be effective.it is an art. Time management is having control over the amount of time spent on a particular activity.

Time management is the process organising your time, and deciding how to allocate your time between different activities. Good time management is the difference between working smart (getting more done in less time) and working hard(working for more time to get more done).

Basic Principles of Time Management

  1. Planning. Planning is always important task performed before to perform a particular activity. Planning means to plan in such a way that it must be beneficial and less costly.
  2. Organize and Prioritize. …
  3. The 80/20 Rule. … It refers to that 80percent of the outputs comes when you put 20percent of your effort.The 80/20 rule can help you identify where the majority of your time, money or energy and force is best spent.

4.Do One Thing At A Time. … only do one thing at a time don’t do multitasking at one time.

5.Avoid Distractions. … Keep away mobile phones, gadgets and other digital things when you were doing your work.

6.Delegate. …

7. Yourself Healthy and Stress-free. … It is the most important thing . If your body is healthy and stress free your can put more focus on your work and do it efficiently.

8.Learn to say “NO”

Time wasting Culprits

* Telephone

*Inefficient Delegation

*Extended Lunches or Breaks

* Cluttered work Space

*Poorly Organized Meetings

*Working Without a Plan

Differentiate between Urgent and Important task

It is most important for one to know difference between urgent and important task.

Urgent task

  •  Assume importance as they demand immediate attention
  • May become urgent if left undone
  • Usually have a long term effect

To judge importance gauge tasks in terms of

  • Impact of doing them
  • Effect of not doing them

Main aim of prioritization is to avoid crisis.

What is Effective time management?

Effective time management leads to an efficient work output, even when you are faced with tight deadlines and high pressure situations. On the other hand, not managing your time effectively results in inefficient output increases stress and anxiety.

Characteristics of Highly Creative People

Time management can lead ho huge benefits like:

  1. Greater productivity:Productivity is all about knowing how to work smarter not harder. Just to get more output with same amount of input.Greater productivity helps in achieving goals faster.in simple words, with time management we can generate greater productivity.
  •  Better professional reputation:Time management  helps and provide better professional reputation in workplace.
  •  Reduced stress:Healthy living and Exercise are two of your best weapons against workplace stress.
  • Higher chances for career advancement
  • Higher efficiency
  • Greater opportunities to achieve goals

Not managing time effectively can result in undesirable consequences like:

  1. Missing deadlines
  2.  Inefficient work output
  3.  Stalled career
  4.  Poor professional reputation
  5.  Increase in stress and anxiety

 Likewise time management anger management is also important.Anger management is the process of:

  • Learning to recognise the signs that you, or someone else , is becoming angry
  • Taking the best course of actiuon to calm down the situation in a positive way

Importance of anger management

Anger is a perfectly normal human emotion.In fact ,when managed the right way, anger can be considered a healthy emotion.

Extreme anger can:

  1. Hurt you physically: It leads to heart disease, diabetes, a weakened immune system, insomniaand high blood pressure.
  2.  Hurt you mentally: It can cloud your thinking and lead to stress, depression and mental health isssues.
  3.  Hurt your career: it can result in alienating your colleagues, bosses, clients and lead to loss of respect.
  4.  Hurt your relationship: It makes it hard for your family and friends to trust you, be honest with you and feel comfortable around you.
  5. That’s why anger management, or managing anger appropriately, is so important.

Anger management strategies

`Strategy 1: Relaxation

Something as simple as breathing deeply and looking at relaxing images works wonders in calming down angry feelings.

Strategy 2: Cognitive restructuring

Cognitive restructuring means changing the manner in which you think. Anger can make you curse, swear and act dramatically. When it happens, force yourself to replace your angry thoughts with more logical ones.

Strategy 3:Problem Solving

Getting  angry about problem that you cannot control is a perfectly natural response.

Strategy 4: Better communication

When you’re angry it is very easy to jump to inaccurate conclusions.In this case,, you need to force yourself to stop reacting, and think carefully about what you want to say, before saying it.

Strategy 5:Changing your Environment

If you find that your environment is the cause of your anger, try and give yourself a break from your surroundings.

Main aim of prioritization is to avoid crisis.

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