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Google AdSense is a contextual advertisement service provided by Google. Google AdSense is a fast and easy way to decriminalize your website. Google AdSense provides feasibly the easiest method to make money online. AdSense is a free and simple way to earn money by displaying ads. The AdSense program differs in that it delivers ads served by Google Ads to your site. your payment depending how many visitor comes on your site.When users click on an ad in your search results, you get a share of the ad revenue.Google AdSense is most frequently used by companies. In one company 10-50 employees earn 1M-10M dollars. But participation in AdSense is free. Part-time bloggers some of the largest publishers on the web.AdSense pay Google pay-per-click or cost per Mile. Google shares a percentage of that proceeds with the AdSense publishers.

With AdSense you can display text and image ads that are pick out the subject matter of a website page.That amount you can earn dependents on the keyword and number of advertiser.Advertisers can tender to display their advert whenever a visitor searches on Google for a certain keyword.

History Of adsense:

 Google AdSense program was launched in mid 2003 by Google. Nowdays it is most popular advertising program in the internet.The AdSense name was initially used by Solicit connotation,a merciless offering to AdSense. Some advertisers complained that AdSense surrender inferior results than Google Ads. As a result, in 2004 Google allowed its advertisers to option out of the AdSense network. In 2009, Google AdSense announced new features, including the ability to “enable multiple networks to display ads”.In Feb 2010, Google AdSense start search history to offer more applicable ads.On Jan 21,2014 Google AdSense launched a tool where publishers may directly sell ads.But earlier this feature was emeritus on Feb,2015.

Google AdSense is one of the oldest and most popular program. It is the oldest network to ad publishing and works at pay per click system and cost per mile.Google AdSense satisfied all the customers across the world.The main reason for choosing Google AdSense is that we can earn huge amount of money.But is done when you work properly and right way.There are many bloggers who are making a complete living from their blogs and Google AdSense. It provides a better opportunity to decriminalize their traffic.     

How to apply for a Google Adsense account and how to get approval from Adsense. 

 It is the dream of every blogger to get Adsense approved.

But, it’s not easy.

Goggle Adsense is very strict when it comes to approve a new application.

Before applying or to get approval from google Adsense we have to keep some important points to remember so that we can get approval fast.

Points to remember:

  1. Excellent Quality of content:

 The important thing is that the content should of high quality. It should of more length where complete information is given.

Because your will reviewed by the visitors and you have to impress them to get agreement from Adsense.A high quality content should be as follows:

* No spelling mistakes

* Highly informative

* easy to understand

* useful and original

  • Design of your blog:

 The design of your blog should be neat and clean.blogs of poor design doesn’t get approval from Adsense because the visitors love to visit their where they can get complete information and provides comfort to their eyes. Poor designed blogs are rejected by Google Adsense.It doesn’t mean you have to buy premium images it means that you just have to create it good and preety.

  • Not to use copyright images:

We have not to use copyright images.Because the professional photographers have the copy right on it. They work very hard to get the photos capture. If we use their images in our website then a copyright mark is placed on it Goggle Adsense doesn’t allow that and it will reject our approval.

  • Discover good quality posts:

 For getting approval for Adsense you should have to design posts of good quality of your own about 10-15 on your website to make sure Goggle knows that your are taking seriously and your website can be monitizied. The best time to apply for adsense when you have atleast 25 good quality of posts.your length should be atleast 700+words with good quality content.

  • Age should be 18+

For applying for Adsense approval your age should be 18 or more than 18 years to have an account. Because adsense is not for the people who are under 18. If you write incorrect date of birth when you are demanding for approval then this will put you in trouble wheather your content are highly informative and understandable.

  • Your website should be six months old

 Your site should be six months old. Because this shows that your working eagerly to get adsense approval. This shows that you are showing great interest in your website.

  • Restricted contents:

 Goggle restrict a lot of contents. Goggle have its rules and regulations.It has a lot of restrictions on various contents.Your site cannot contain things hacking content, drug content, weapon sales and so on.We have to make sure that your site complies with all of their rules before you apply.

  • In terms of service:

Google is very serious about his ad network. As they want valueable things which attract the attention of the need to have that website which meets all of Goggle’s terms of service.


Google is the most popular search engine in the world. In october 2020, online search engine bing accounted for 6.18% of the global search market, while market leader Google had a market share of 84.14%.

Google Ads is a free online advertising platform that allows businesses to pay for their Ads to be shown on Google, search Engine results pages(SERP’s) and across the Google Display Network.

Google Display Network a powerful system that reaches more than 2 million websites and 90 % of internet users, the Google Display Network can get your Ads in front of targeted Audiences across the globe.

The Display Network is a collection of websites- Including specific Google websites like Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and Youtube – that show Ads.

This Network also includes Mobile sites and apps.


Google AdSense provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online content. AdSense is a program that allows bloggers and wedsites owners to make money by displaying Google Ads.

There are two way to make money from AdSense:

  1. Earnings
  2. Page views
  3. Impressions
  4. Clicks
  5. PageCTR
  6. ImpressionCTR
  7. CPC
  8. Page RPM
  9. Impression RPM        


This is based on the number of pageviews of pages or posts with Ads. An impression is counted for each Ad request where at least one Ad has begun to download to the user’s device.


This is based on how many people click on the Ads. For standard content Ads, for link units, we count a click when a user clicks on an Ad on the page of Ads, after selecting a link in the link unit.

How to earn with Google AdSense

Are you interested to earn AdSense income online? Do you want to work online and pay your bills? AdSense will change your life here!

How Much Google AdSense Pay On YouTube  !

 YouTube is one of many ways you can become an Internet , if you are lucky an Internet millionaire. YouTube is easiest way to earn money from home

1 million views — between $2,000 and $40,000

  • Google pays out 68% of their AdSense revenue thus for every $100 an advertiser pays, Google pays $68 to the publisher.
  • The actual rates an advertiser pays varies, normally  between $0.10 to $0.30 per view, but averages out at $0.18 per view.
  • On Average the YouTube channel can receive $18 per 1,000 ad views.

How Much Adsesne Pay Apps !

AdSense allows you to place relevant ads on Apps,

 like those you see running on, onto your website.

 PER 1,000 views in India you can make somewhere between $0.5 — $2 USD, depending on your niche. 

How much Google Adsense pay on websites !

 The highest paying ads show on your site

Publishers get 68% of the click amount. In practice, the commission per click can range from $0.20 to $15.

What is invalid traffic and how we can prevent it?

Invalid traffic: Invalid traffic has become a major problem in social media and become a problem for the marketers.All publishers and marketers are facing this problem from worldwide.Google Adsense is very strict policy for invalid clicks on ads. It can easily detect a publisher clicks his own ad. In this case, Google may disable your adsense account.

It simply means it is purchased traffic which is not good for an adsense account and for marketers and publishers.As it mostly consist of click farms where  software or humans are asssigned to provide clicks and impressions.

There  are many users who keep clicking all the ads shown on the screen with the intention of fraud. These clicks have no value.

Prevention from Invalid Traffic:

*We should never click on your ads.

*WE should never purchase traffic

*Understand what is ad traffic

*Avoid partnering with untrusted parties.

There are many users who keep clicking all the ads shown on the screen with the intention of fraud. Such clicks have no actual value. Such type of invalid traffic yield good leads and it makes the impressions and clicks worthless and of no use. As we know that google is very strict policy and it is charging the advertisers for their ads. And it became the responsibility of the Google to provide targeted clicks to theior products and services.

When they saw suspicious increase in traffic such as sudden increase in users or span comments, then they take action immediately which includes restrict your adsense account.

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